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Volunteer and Member Engagement Innovation

Creating organization-wide change in volunteer engagement attitudes and practices is a process that has a significant return on investment. Through our work with many multilevel, national organizations, we have developed a model that uses pilot projects to innovate new volunteer engagement practices, enhance organizational learning, and ensure powerful results over the long-term.

Through pilot projects, organizations:

  • Practice new skills, techniques, and new volunteer engagement tools and strategies
  • Serve as learning models to determine which strategies work best and which are replicable and sustainable for the organization
  • Facilitate ongoing assessment and evaluation
  • Identify champions and leaders as the initiatives are implemented and replicated more widely
  • Build strong, collaborative, effective joint staff and volunteer leadership teams
  • Create change in a risk-tolerant environment
  • Involve a wide array of volunteers and staff from the initial design and throughout the process

The volunteer engagement pilot process includes:

  • Discovery and research designed to understand current organizational trends, practices, and attitudes toward volunteer engagement
  • Support and training on volunteer engagement and pilot design
  • Pilot launch and support including a training institute for pilot project participants, follow up webinars to reinforce learning, and customized coaching for pilot team leaders and other key staff and volunteer leaders
  • Project evaluation including the development of an overall project report assessing the impact of pilot initiatives and recommendations for future organization-wide implementation

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