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Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Facilitator's Toolkit

New book by Jill Friedman Fixler and Beth Steinhorn!

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Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Collaborate Today, Thrive Tomorrow laid the groundwork for organizational capacity-building through skilled volunteers... Now, launch a capacity-building initiative at your organization with volunteers leading the effort!

Boomer Volunteer Engagement: Facilitator's Tool Kit contains everything facilitators need to lead a volunteer engagement initiative at your organization. This new Tool Kit features:

  • A detailed timeline with instructions to develop a Boomer Volunteer Engagement pilot in 6 to 8 months
  • Field-tested tools to engage an experienced volunteer to facilitate your organization’s Boomer volunteer initiative
  • A complete Facilitator’s Guide in eight Modules with monthly meeting agendas, group exercises, and evaluation tools
Boomer Volunteer Engagement
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 Volunteer Match


Table of Contents



Module 1 - Planning and Cultivation: Getting the Right People at the Table

Module 2 - Preparation: Preparing the Co-Facilitators and Cultivating the Task Force

Module 3 - Task Force Work Session 1: Planning for a Culture of Volunteer Engagement

Module 4 - Task Force Work Session 2: Creating Opportunities

Module 5 - Task Force Work Session 3: Interviewing, Negotiation, and Support

Module 6 - Task Force Work Session 4: Launching the Pilot and Tracking Progress

Module 7 - Task Force Work Session 5: Tracking Progress and Preparing to Wrap-Up

Module 8 - Task Force Work Session 6: Documenting the Program and Sustaining the Culture


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Praise for the Book

“Every member of our Task Force sat around the table, each with a copy of Boomer Volunteer Engagement and these tools. Having the templates right there was invaluable. We were able to fill out the templates, discuss the foundation for volunteer engagement, and determine the right next steps for our organization. Our goal was to be able to model this process and then replicate it in other areas of our organization—and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Phyllis Adler, Executive Director
Stepping Stones ... Embracing Interfaith Families


“This Tool Kit builds on the success of Boomer Volunteer Engagement by providing the exercises, meeting agendas, and context for utilizing skilled volunteers as facilitators of a capacity-building initiative. With so many individuals seeking ways to serve, there’s no better time than now to harness them as volunteers to lead your organization’s Volunteer Engagement Initiative.”

Greg Baldwin, President


“As a Facilitator, I was able to bring skills from my professional experience and apply them to a whole new arena—the nonprofit sector. Facilitating a Volunteer Engagement Task Force at a nonprofit was really rewarding, as I was able to help the organization find new ways of engaging volunteers to measurably extend programs and services beyond what staff alone can achieve. These tools were key to helping the Task Force members assess their needs and their current practice. Being intentional in that way makes all the difference in the world. It’s the difference between getting it done and not.”

Margaret Browne, Volunteer Facilitator


“In a time when all nonprofits are facing economic challenges and increased demand for services, this program provides a strategic solution. Through this model of partnering professional and volunteer staff, we have developed and launched several new programs that help local nonprofits recognize and utilize volunteers as a critical resource in addressing societal needs.”

Kristy Judd, Executive Director
Metro Volunteers

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