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Development of Staff and Volunteer Structures

When embracing engagement as a key business strategy, some organizations benefit from changing their current staff structure to align with new engagement practices. JFFixler Group collaborates with organizational leaders to reposition volunteer or member engagement within the organizational structure—increasing its credibility, reach, and status.

Through JFFixler Group’s human resources services, we:

  • Design position descriptions for high-level staff leaders, such as Director of Engagement
  • Tailor core competencies for each volunteer or member services position and recommend key competencies for the entire staff, all of whom play a role in strategic engagement
  • Assist with structuring the hiring process by developing position descriptions and job announcements, creating a candidate screening matrix, developing interview questions, and assisting with the interviewing and screening of candidates
  • Utilize our research findings and the organization’s engagement goals in forming recommendations regarding an ideal communication and reporting structure.
  • Create presentations and present findings and recommendations to senior executive teams and boards
  • Prepare and coach current employees as they step into their new roles through training, coaching, project management, and pilot initiatives

Discovery and assessment

Piloting innovative engagement initiatives

Strategic planning for volunteer and member engagement

Coaching for results

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