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Discovery and Assessment

Discovery and assessment reveals information vital to future plans. Having assessment data and recommendations is a crucial stepping stone to developing and implementing robust strategic plans for volunteer and member engagement.

JFFixler Group’s discovery and assessment services include:

  • An initial planning call to establish priorities for the survey
  • Drafting an online survey for distribution to an unlimited number of staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders
  • Telephone interviews of staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders
  • Online survey and telephone interview data analysis
  • A report with data highlights and recommendations for the future
  • Presentation of report through an onsite visit or virtual meeting

 The discovery and assessment process and report:

  • Identifies current strengths
  • Identifies critical issues that can inform planning for future success
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement or changes
  • Establishes a baseline of practice against which future progress can be measured


Piloting innovative engagement initiatives

Strategic planning for volunteer and member engagement

Development of staff and volunteer structures

Coaching for results

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